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April Raffle for Skratch Goodies!

Update #3  •   Posted 447 day(s) ago

To anyone who loves fueling with Skratch labs or wants to try Skratch or loves giving to charity.... I've got an offer you can't refuse! FREE SKRATCH!! 

Skratch Labs is an amazing sports hydration and nutrition company that both I and Epic Experience love. They use all real food based ingredients and believe that simpler is better. And they've graciously decided to help me out in my fundraising/training for Ironman Boulder journey by providing a giveaway package to one lucky charity donor. This package includes two bags of exercise hydration, some chocolate recovery mix, cookie mix, fruit drops, a water bottle, and this swag bag, all worth about $115 (see picture below). Skratch isn't just great for triathletes like me, if you're doing anything that makes you sweat, be it running, hiking, skiing, skratch is awesome and if you have any questions about the company or products they offer, feel free to contact me! Here's how to get this package for as little as $5:


Inline image 1

If you donate to Epic Experience through my page AND email me ( when you do so I have a way of hunting you down if you win, you get entered into the drawing. Every $5 donated gets an entry (i.e. $10 dollars is two entries, $50 is 10 entries. All proceeds go to Epic Experience!). You have the whole month of April to donate, I'll draw a winner on May 1st! Share with your friends near and far!

One of the biggest favors I've done for myself as a runner/triathlete is finding a hydration solution that tastes amazing and doesn't upset my stomach over the longer distance races. Skratch is a super yummy delicious product I believe in, and what better way to get your hands on some than by giving to charity as well?!

Questions? Comments? Feel free to reach out to me, and look for a more personal update sometime in April! 

March Update!

Update #2  •   Posted 470 day(s) ago

Hi Everyone!

March is upon us and I have some new updates for you all: 

1. My mom celebrated 3 years of living life to the fullest!

2. Epic Experience celebrated another successful year at the Hearts and Hope Gala, and I may or may not have gotten up on the stage and danced all night! 

3. I'm almost halfway through Ironman training, and I've got some exciting progress to share, along with a few of my favorite songs! 

Check them out on my blog here, and again, thank you to everyone who has so generously donated!!

Much love to all,



Fe - male = Iron - man

Update #1  •   Posted 495 day(s) ago

Hi All!

For those of you who didn't catch it on FB or Instagram, I'm training for my first Ironman race! This journey of racing for Epic Experience has been a wonderful one and time and time again I am humbled by the generosity and support of my friends and family. This year, I want to raise my goal to $5,000. I think we can do it. I'm currently in the midst of training and know that I will be stronger with your guy's support of not only me, but all of the cancer survivors who so greatly need to attend this camp! 

For a fill in on my reasons to race an Ironman:

To find out why I'm crazy:

Thanks to everyone! Your kindness and generosity has been on my mind every day of training, and has powered me through more than 10 triathlons/half marathons/marathons over the past two years. You guys are the best!